Our Review Organisation

Our municipality has closely observed and followed the plans for a final deposit since 1995. We have created an independent organization designed to review the process with the community´s best interest in mind. The municipal council has appointed three committees, each with specific assignments. Each committee consists of a chair, a vice chair and members representing the political parties in the municipal council.

The three committees are:

• Long Term Safety Committee – focusing on long term safety issues.

• Environmental Impact Assesment Committee (EIA-Committee) - focusing on the Environmental Impact Assesement, which is a part of the licensing applications from SKB. 

•  Consultative Committee  - focusing on informing and communicating about the process and important issues, both to the local council and the public. The Committee consists of representatives from each political party in the municipality, representatives from our neighbouring municipalities and the Åland Islands, as well as representatives from local NGO’s and interest groups.

•  Administration - a working unit consisting of five civil servants is assigned to work full time with the issue of a final repository in Östhammar. We  also consult independent expertise, such as geologists, biologists, chemists and other experts regarding long term safety and environment.

Published: 2014-02-04