Welcome to the municipality of Östhammar


Östhammar is a municipality located in the archipelago of the Baltic Sea, about 70 kilometers from Uppsala, Sweden´s fourth largest municipality and 120 kilometers from Stockholm, Sweden´s capital.

Our resident population is about 22 000. In summertime we welcome thousands of summer residents that enjoy our long coast, stroll in our beautiful nature, swim in the sea, play golf or just relax in our cosy atmosphere.

For additional information please contact our information services in the Municipality Building in Östhammar.

We are open Monday to Thursday at 07.45 a.m.- 16.30 p.m. Fridays at 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.
Stångörsgatan 10, Östhammar
Phone: +46 173 860 00
E-mail: informationen@osthammar.se

Tourist information

Visitors interested in finding out more about what our municipality has to offer can pay a visit to our tourist website.

The tourist office of Östhammar (open all year around)
Box 65, Rådhustorget 1
742 21 Östhammar
Tel. +46 173-178 50
E-mail: turism.osthammar@roslagen.se

The tourist office of Öregrund(open in the summer season)
740 71 Öregrund
Tel. +46 173-305 55
E-mail:  turism.oregrund@roslagen.se

The tourist office of Österbybruk (open in the summer season)
748 21 Österbybruk
Tel. +46 295-214 92
E-mail:  osterbybruk@telia.com

The tourist office of Forsmark (open in the summer season)
Forsmarks Bruk
Tel. +46 173-500 15
E-mail:  info@forsmark.vattenfall.se


Visiting adress:
Stångörsgatan 10
Box 66
SE-742 21 Östhammar
Phone:+46 173-860 00

Monday - Thursday 7.45am - 4.30pm
Friday 7.45am - 3pm
Day before holidays 7.45am to 3pm. Bridging Days 9am-11am.
Day before Christmas Eve and Midsummer Eve at 7.45am to 1pm