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Roslagen archipelago in the summertime.
Our municipality offers a rich combination of culture, sports, outdoor recreation and countryside delights. Whether you're looking for somewhere to stay or things to see and do, there's something to suit every taste. 

For accomodation, things to see, activities and much more please turn to Visit Roslagen AB. 

Indoor swimming and leisure


We have 5 libraries situated in our town centres in Östhammar, Alunda, Österbybruk, Gimo and Öregund, where you can borrow books, CDs and films as well as read newspapers and magazines.

Östhammar Music Week

Every summer in July you can enjoy Östhammar Music Week. A whole week with concerts and performances - Östhammar Music Festival fills churches, village halls, bathing places and mansions with all kinds of music that you can feel right down to your toes.   

Swimming and fishing

You can enjoy wonderful swimming along out 400 mil-long coastline or in one of our many inland lakes. You can also go fishing in one of the close by rivers or along the coast that offer a variety of fishing. Along the coast, fishing is free with hand tools, such as fishing rod or spinning rod. Sport fishing in our neighbouring municipality Älvkarleby is something special. Each year, tons of salmon and sea trout are caught in Älvkarleby. Learn more about sport fishing at

Highlights in Uppland

Uppsala castle and the river Fyris

Look at elks in Gårdsjö Moose park, visit rock carvings in the Lake Mälaren district, experience the cultural history of the many Walloon ironworks villages in Uppland with fabulous castles, parks and rich cultural heritage or take a night out in Uppsala.   

Explore our Uppland region!

Published: 2014-01-29

Tourist offices

Tourist office of Östhammar
Rådhustorget 1
742 21 Östhammar
Phone:+46 173 178 50

Tourist office of Öregrunds
742 42 Öregrund
Phone:+46 173 305 55

Tourist office of Österbybruk
748 21 Österbybruk
Phone:+46 295 214 92

Forsmarks Touristinformation
Intill väg 76, Forsmarks Bruk
Phone:+46 173 500 15